Hot Stone Massage

istock_000005601884smallSoothing, comforting and warming Hot Stone Massage soothes mind, body and spirit.

Smooth basalt stones are used for Hot Stone therapy due to their heat retaining properties.They are heated in water and maintained at a safe temperature. The therapist conducts the massage with the stones in the palm of the hand.

The warmth relaxes muscles and allows a massage which is more effective and intense.

Warmed basalt stones are also applied to key points on the body helping to produce relaxation and balance energy.

The benefits of hot stone massage are: deeper relaxation, continuous heat therapy, boosts circulation, improved detoxification, improved sleep,reduces symptoms of stress, lifts mood, softens tight muscles.

Price of Hot Stone Massage

Back Neck Shoulder 45 mins £33
Full Body 1hr 15 mins £50