Myosfacial Release

Myofascial-ReleaseMyofascial release is a specialist soft tissue therapy that works on and improves the condition of the myofascial system which covers our body structures from head to toe. This fascia gives balance, tension and stability to maintain our posture, supporting our skeletal system.

Healthy fascia is slippery and stretches allowing movement within the body. Injury, stress, strain and life events can cause the fascial system to become less fluid. It becomes hardened and less able to glide over structures causing restrictions in movement and pain.

The gentle pressure techniques and stretches used in myofascial release helps the myofascial system return to a more fluid state. This is a relaxing therapy which helps lengthen muscles and breaks down adhesions which rerstrict movement.

Myofascial Release is suitable for:

  • Repetitive Strain Conditions
  • Sports people
  • Musclar Pain and Tension
  • Postural Problems
  • Back and neck ache

Price of Myofascial Release

90 mins £50 (includes postural assessment at first treatment)
60 mins £40 (includes postural assessment at first treatment)
45  mins 30.60