Sports Massage and Pilates 5 Benefits

A quick update on 5 of the best reasons to try sports massage or Pilates.

Sports Massage can help to reduce DOMS - delayed onset muscles soreness following exercise.

It can help keep soft tissues in good condition and prevent injury when used regularly.

It can help with recovery from strenuous training sessions by relaxing muscles.

It can speed recovery during the rehabilitation process following an injury.

Sports massage can produce the feel good factor and help with sleep.


Pilates can help strengthen the core muscles and improve posture.

Pilates is a low impact form of body conditions and can be adapted for most people.

Pilates stimulates the feel good hormones - endorphins and can make you feel energised after a class.

It improves flexibility and muscular strength.

It can help with balance and relaxation.

All great reasons to book in for a sports massage or a Pilates session.