Sports Massage

Sports massage is used by athletes, runners, golfers, weight trainers, martial arts, dancers, swimmers, cyclists, and teams. Infact anyone involved in training and competition and at all levels of ability can benefit from sports massage therapy treatments. Whether you are an athlete or a recreational gym user the treatments are adapted to your individual requirements.

Sports massage reduces vulnerability to injury from intensive training by releasing tension in the muscles and accelerating the healing process. The benefits include:

  • Prevention of scar tissue build up
  • Detection of muscular trauma at an early stage
  • Faster recovery following intensive training
  • Increased range of movement
  • Improved posture
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Reduces DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Helps prepare psychologically for competition
  • Speeds recovery in sports injury

Sports massage can be used regularly or now and again depending on the intensity of trainning and competition.

Techniques Used
Myofascial release is an advanced soft tissue technique which can be used during sports and remedial massage treatments. This technique helps to restore balance to muscles, frees movement and improves posture. Sports massage also innvolves the use of other advanced techniques such as cross fibre frictions, soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique and muscle energy techniques. These advanced massage techniques allow a change to occur in the soft tissues which triggers the bodies own healing processes.

Not only does sports massage improve the condition of muscle tissue but it feels good too.

Prices Sports Massage

30 mins £25
45 mins £30
60 mins £38
90 mins £53

Event Massage

man-runningSports massage therapists are often employed at sporting events where the athletes can have pre, inter or post event massage, helping them prepare for the event and recover following the event. This type of massage is usually of short duration about ten minutes, time permitting.

Pre event massage can be used as part of the athletes warm up before the start of the competition.

It helps to warm the tissues, improve range of movement and flexibilty. It also helps to prepare the athlete psychologically. This type of massage is stimulating, using brisk strokes.

Inter event massage is used when there are heats or breaks in between rounds or games. It helps to relieve muscular tension and prepares muscles for the next heat of the competition. It helps with both recovery and preparation for the next phase of the competition.

Post event massage is used at the end of the event to help accelerate recovery and cool down. It helps to relieve muscular tension, detects injury and prevents delayed onset muscle soreness. It includes stretching techniques as well as massage to help the body return to a normal state following competition.

Sports massage is adapted to your particular sport and your particular requirements. It is used by runners, footballers, golfers, tennis players, karate, hockey, swimmers, cycllists, weight lifters.

If you would like sports massage at an event or work place event, telephone or email for more details.