Massage can be a useful facility for Sports and work place events. Please contact Mary to discuss your requirements.

Sports Events

marathonRaces, triathlons, tournaments and competitions demand the highest levels of performance. I can provide pre-event massage, to prepare athletes physically and psychologically for the strain of competition and post-event massage to accelerate recovery and detect any injuries resulting from the event. Typically, the treatments take 10 minutes per athlete and you don’t have to be a professional to benefit! So, if you’re an event organizer or a team coach, consider including sports massage on your big day.

Corporate Events

eventCorporate events can be made more enjoyable if participants are given an opportunity to relax and experience new treatments as part of the program. This could take the form of individual treatments or demonstrations to groups with everyone participating e.g. learn how to give a simple neck and shoulder massage to your colleagues. You could also consider giving Gift Vouchers to prize winners.