Therapeutic Massage

Massage has been used as a natural treatment since ancient times to cure ailments, improve health and sooth and calm both body and mind.

Therapeutic massage is a very relaxing treatment which has evolved from Swedish massage techniques. It can relieve muscular tension, helping to address the symptoms of stress.

iStock_000004926193XSmall(2)Flowing massage techniques such as effleurage, and petrissage help to relax the muscles, stimulate nerves, improve circulation, improve the function of the immune system and boosts the function of the lymphatic system.

The main aim of therapeutic massage is to relax both mind and body and help relieve tired muscles. Therapeutic massage will leave you feeling calm and refreshed. It’s ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle.

Price of Treatment

Back, Neck, Shoulders 45 mins £30
Full Body 60 mins £38